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Our Story

Artistfuse has simplified the process of how recording artists, bands and record labels search and find beats for their musical projects. By highlighting the most important factors used when searching for beats we were able to create new and clever search features to help make the task of finding beats less of a hassle, after all finding a cool beat to make music with shouldn’t be hard.

Our beat marketplace provides easy to use search features the first being a 2-in-1 search box located on our homepage that lets you find a beat by name or for more accurate results lets you select things like Mood, Genre, BPM “Beats Per Minute” and price range. And lastly our second and coolest option of them all Beat Board a submission feature which was created with the indie artist in mind. Beat Board is in the form of a listing that recording artists can create to get beats for Mixtapes, Albums, Singles and more. A beat board submission campaign is visible to all producers on the site because once a new listing is created all producers receive a notification so no listing goes unnoticed.

As our name suggests, we look forward to connecting recording artists and music producers across the world so that business relationships are formed, new music is made and revenue streams are created.